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Yay, extra marks for us.

Saturday, 19th March 2011

SM Trip to Polis DiRaja Brunei.

I vaguely remember the place, but its good to be back to the old neighborhood.

A career in CID you say? (pasal boleh panjang rambut) Will think about it. Continuing Babah’s legacy tu eh πŸ˜€ hehe.

and, we were the first UBD group to ever visit the gallery. Bangga ku eh. hehe.

Where to next Dr Sainah?

sadly, our group photo was blur 😦

Will upload the rest of the pictures by tomorrow. hujan = crappy internet.


We’re on TV!

Thursday, 10th March, 2011

Destination: the Department of Councils of State (LegCo)Β … to attend this year’s ‘Majlis Mesyuarat Negara.’

Thanks Emma for the ride, and for saving my ass back there. πŸ˜€

Inside the meeting room: atu basar! haha

Loving the chandelier man.

An amazing experience for all of us.

Lunch @ Excapade, Gdg

Chirashi Don πŸ˜€

Our old common room. It has been awhile.

Getting ready for our 2pm presentation.

Saturday KB Trip at 7am!

1 year sudah?

Wednesday, 9th March 2011

FSC Elections Day @ Smallville, FBEPS

There’s a new senator in FBEPS πŸ˜‰ Congrats Deen! I know you will do great dude.

Apa 1st plan Senator? hehe

Syaza Syazwan delivering his final speech as FBEPSΒ President =’)

I’m sorry that I couldn’t take pictures during the event as my camera battery was running low, but I must say, the event went well, and the turnout was great.

A big thanks to Amal & team for organizing the election πŸ™‚

FSC 2010/2011 =)

Certainly going to miss you guys.

here are just a few, for more, just go to my facebook πŸ™‚

Last day of January.

Such a great day, indeed.

We got you real good, didnt we Fiiz? HAHA

Sushi was great, the surprise was even better, and the cake (tiramisu special)? oh my. atu nyaman!

sama ‘hantu sushi’, Zana

Melepak at CoffeeZone,

and my battery ran out. bummer.

Thanks you guys for coming earlier and pictures will be up soon πŸ˜€

FBEPS Seniors 4 – 2 Juniors

Venue: Padang ‘A’ UBD Sport Complex

A double from Doze & the super-sub, Deen gave the seniors a convincing win over our juniors.

Good game tadi.

the man of the match: Abas, our goalkeeper πŸ˜€

will upload the rest of the pictures by tonight. check2 saja facebook ku πŸ™‚

Day n Night.

Sunday (16/01/2011)

BBQ, Ambuyat & Fishing at Zana’s

now this is what I called a feast!

Gave my Abu Tormentor a test-run that day and I love the way you swim…. sadly, I didnt catch anything that day.

Catch, Picture & Release Utek.

Thank you Zana & family for everything πŸ˜€ nanti2 lagi aa.

Gaming session at my house.

Rapala fishing game – DJ Hero – FIFA11 session

‘DJ Man’ is in da house. haha.

Kiudang derby in FIFA11. haha.

Thanks you guys for coming over my place. will upload the rest of the pictures soon + Syaza’s fishing outing. hehe

The final countdown

Final semester.

We are just 4months & 2 courses away from graduating πŸ˜€

Tuesday lecture, Wednesday Tutorials & Thursday lecture. Hari lain, boleh fishing! hehe

i love this picture, sadly im not in it! hehe and kenapa si Daus malu2 atu?

.owh lecturers, please be kind to me this semester hehe.