Yay, extra marks for us.

Saturday, 19th March 2011

SM Trip to Polis DiRaja Brunei.

I vaguely remember the place, but its good to be back to the old neighborhood.

A career in CID you say? (pasal boleh panjang rambut) Will think about it. Continuing Babah’s legacy tu eh 😀 hehe.

and, we were the first UBD group to ever visit the gallery. Bangga ku eh. hehe.

Where to next Dr Sainah?

sadly, our group photo was blur 😦

Will upload the rest of the pictures by tomorrow. hujan = crappy internet.


The Captain is back!

“Say NO to piracy.”


Oh Kambing.

Barbeque at BaitYS

Thanks Mimi for the gathering. Really had a great time lastnight.

Enjoyed the company, food and the entertainment. (aku mau makan kambing lagi)

Will post more pictures on facebook by tomorrow 😀


I want one 😦

What a coincidence.

May the forth be with you


I’m in love with my new toy


The Tactician.


Disappointed with the campaign mode, but the multiplayer is just Awesome!

Thanks Justina for the clan invite 😀

.surrender is not an option.

No.9 ah mana? LOL

TelBru bmobile EPL Masters Cup 2011 at the Indoor Stadium.

Reluctant to go at first, but sayang jua free ticket (hehe)

Goals galore! Inda rugi meliat eventhough we were at the upper tier 🙂

Manchester Masters vs Liverpool Masters (7-5?)

BPL All Stars Masters lifting the cup after beating MU Masters in the Final

I wanna play futsal like Faustino Asprilla 😀